14 de novembro de 2011

30 Day Opera Challenge

Sem dúvida alguma que vou fazer isto! :D

The Facebook challenge list:

day 01 - your favorite composer
day 02 - your favorite male aria
day 03 - your favorite female aria
day 04 - select one aria that you consider being very sad
day 05 - you favorite bel canto composer
day 06 - your favorite french composer
day 07 - aria that you hate
day 08 - composer you find overrated 
day 09 - select aria or piece that you find one of the most recognizable ever
day 10 - best russian composer
day 11 - your favorite male operatic singer
day 12 - your favorite female operatic singer
day 13 - aria that you think is sexy
day 14 - most beautiful female operatic singer voice(quality,technique)
day 15 - most beautiful male operatic singer voice(quality,technique)
day 16 - a song or aria that you used to like but now you hate 
day 17 - favorite italian composer
day 18 - best conductor ever
day 19 - your favorite opera of all time 
day 20 - best duet
day 21 - perfect aria to describe angriness 
day 22 - most famous choral part in your opinion in opera
day 23 - evil character you would like to play in some opera
day 24 - favorite operatic singer male/female with "huge" voice
day 25 - aria that you would never be able to sing
day 26 - best classical opera composer
day 27 - best lied composer
day 28 - good character you would like to play in some opera 
day 29 - first aria you fell in love with 
day 30 - not very famous opera that you find beautiful

e depois esta!
The An Acquired Taste challenge list:
Day 1:  Best Overture
Day 2:  Favorite Composer
Day 3:  Best Soprano
Day 4:  Best Mezzo-Soprano
Day 5:  Best Alto/Contralto
Day 6:  Best Tenor
Day 7:  Best Baritone
Day 8:  Best Bass/Bass-baritone
Day 9:  Best Comedy
Day 10:  Best Tragedy
Day 11:  Best Opera all around
Day 12:  Best Libretto all around
Day 13:  Favorite Comedic Role
Day 14:  Favorite Tragic Role
Day 15:  Favorite Couple
Day 16:  Most Tragic Romance
Day 17:  Happiest Romance
Day 18:  Most Visually Entertaining Opera
Day 19:  Most Powerful Aria
Day 20:  The Opera You Listen to Most
Day 21:  And Opera You’d sell a Kidney to See
Day 22:  Best Opera to See With a Friend
Day 23:  Best Opera to See With a Lover
Day 24:  Best Opera to See Alone
Day 25:  Least Favorite Misconception about Opera
Day 26:  Your First Favorite Opera
Day 27:  If You Could Play Any One Role, What Would it be?
Day 28:  Take Your Favorite Opera, and Make Your Dream Cast
Day 29:  Most Attractive Artist Ever
Day 30:  Best Finale

Já tenho "trabalho" para dois meses xD

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